Website Security

Make Sure Your Website is Protected From Hackers

Website Security

Making sure that your company’s data and customer’s information is safe should be at the top of your list. Recently we have been notified of many large firms being attacked through digital hacking. The result of a website hack can be catastrophic to a company and destroy relationships, trust, and sales that your company has acquired. Lyqwid has the ability and resources to make sure that your company and its data is secure on the World Wide Web. Lyqwid’s team will develop a strategy that will fit your business and ultimately prevent hackers from accessing your website, let alone accessing login management or backend systems.

  • WordPress Secure Login / Lockdown
  • Mobile Verification Login System
  • Country Blocking
  • IP Address Blocking
  • Strong Password Integration / Requirements
  • Hacking Attempt Updates
  • SSL
  • Event Management
  • Privacy Policy
  • User / Account Management
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SSL Certificate

Acquiring an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer or the little green lock icon) has become an essential part to make sure that your website is fully secure. An SSL is important to verifying your company’s identity and allowing the top search engines to recognize and trust your website. By adding an SSL certificate to your website you most likely be converting your entire website from http:// to https:// with the “s” standing for secure.

Adding an SSL to your website is not as easy as it may sound (maybe it doesn’t sound that easy). The first step would be to identify who you would like to acquire an SSL certificate from. Most domain providers (ex. GoDaddy, 1&1, etc) and hosting providers (ex. Hostgator, Bluehost, Siteground, etc) have an option for you to purchase an SSL certificate directly from your account. Once you have purchased the SSL certificate you will either need to install the certificate using Cpanel or have your provider install it for you. After installation, you will need to verify that all of your websites content is secure and convert the website from http:// to https://.

Implementing this feature is critical for eCommerce websites because of the sensitive information collected from customers such as name, email, address, and of course credit card information. However, if you are operating a website that is more information based such as a blog/news outlet applying an SSL can potentially be detrimental to your websites traffic or your advertising revenue.

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