X3 Staffing is a recent startup company that is on the fast track to success. They are quickly becoming the premiere construction staffing firm of Utah, providing contractors in plumbing, electrical, and HVAC to firms all around the Salt Lake Valley and beyond. With this rapid growth, they needed to establish a brand and company image by acquiring a modern logo and simplistic website for viewers to get more information and contact the company.


Lyqwid saw this as a great opportunity to partner with a local Utah company and help them grow. After establishing this partnership between X3 & Lyqwid, we came up with an awesome logo that fit what their company was trying to display. Each time we meet with X3, they say that their clients always comment on what a cool logo they have. Though it is a good sign for X3 to have customers commenting on their logo, it is even more impactful that people are not only accepting our work, but loving it!

The next goal for X3 was to establish a website where their Utah customers had access to information on what the company offers and also a way to contact X3 Staffing directly from their website. Lyqwid used the CMS platform, WordPress, to deliver the final solution to X3 and they were very impressed leaving us with a 5 star review on Google. With their limited time constraints and technological knowledge, they also needed a hosting provider so Lyqwid continues to provide them with a reliable and fast hosting solution directly on our own server.

Our goal at Lyqwid was to provide X3 with a one stop solution for all of their graphic and web design needs by offering all of these services in house. We did not have to outsource our web designers, move them to a 3rd party hosting server, or make them lift a finger in the creation of their new website. This allowed them to focus on the rapid growth of their company and Lyqwid is excited to be their partner for the future!


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