Wanna Chill Shave Ice is a rapidly growing shave ice company in Southern California. Looking to expand their business, they wanted to establish a proper branding strategy by tweaking their logo and building a new website that was mobile friendly and displayed their menu. As they are expanding, they are also offering an option to franchise and they wanted a solution for customers to inquire about franchising a location.


Lyqwid came in and started working right away providing them with a minimal change on their logo but making it a scalable vector image so they could use it online. Wanna Chill is a very vibrant brand with a fun and colorful environment which we wanted to reflect on their website. In the design, we implemented bold colors (pinks and greens) that are sure to stand out. We also developed a custom inquiry form for franchise customers to apply. We are excited to be partnering with this company and hope to continue growing right along side.


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