The staff at Azevedo Studios completed production of the film “Saturday’s Warrior” an iconic LDS themed musical that released in 1989. The producer, Lex De Azevedo, had a strong feeling that it was time to update history and bring the play to the big screen. Once the production was complete the staff was ready to start promotion, however, realized that they needed a professional website for their customers to gather more information. With a strict deadline and custom design Saturday’s Warrior needed to partner with the best in order to accomplish their goals.


Using the world’s most popular CMS platform, WordPress, Lyqwid was able to fully customize a photoshop design that Saturday’s Warrior initially provided in only a week. Once the website was complete, the producers at Azevedo Studios decided that they were not happy with the designs that they came up with and wanted to simplify and optimize the design to be more user friendly. This time they asked Lyqwid to take over the design process. Within a week Lyqwid was able to come up with a all new design that was optimized¬†for mobile users as well as traditional desktop users. To simplify the design Lyqwid implemented a full screen video on the homepage of the website so that users could watch the trailer for the new movie without having to navigate elsewhere. Once we launched the all new design we noticed a great improvement in page views and decrease in bounce rate.


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