The Institute of Harmonic Massage had a fallout with their previous web developer who left them hanging with a website that was not complete but was live for the public to see. There was false information on the website their past developer built and they did not have the means to take the site down or make changes. IHM found Lyqwid through a mobile application called Thumbtack were we were able to give them an accurate quote and communicate about their project. IHM was in a desperate situation to get their website offline and build a new one. Lyqwid was there to help.


Lyqwid was able to put up a coming soon/under construction page that same day so IHM’s customers would not see the false data from their past website. Lyqwid was able to salvage some of the work the previous developer did while also expanding upon it and creating a beautiful website on the WordPress platform. Within a week, Lyqwid was able to have their new website up and running. IHM also agreed to sign up for Lyqwid’s automatic backup service that ensures that their website is safe from crashes or hacks. Lyqwid makes a backup of their entire WordPress website and database once a month and stores it on a completely seperate Amazon S3 server for security.


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