Philip & Company has been Utah’s premiere jeweler for many years. With recent change in ownership they decided they wanted to give the company a facelift. Part of this facelift was to enhance and update their old static HTML website to a more user friendly and modern design. Their goal was to provide clients with information about the company, information about the company’s wholesalers, and a way for clients to contact them directly through their website.


Lyqwid took care of everything for the all new website including the transfer of domain name, connecting it to a host, creating company specific email addresses, and of course designing the website. While we considered using an open source platform like WordPress, we believed that it was in the best interest of the consumer to use the Squarespace platform for simplicity and convenience for future updates. Utah clients¬†are sure to see an increase in trust and perceived value when gathering information on Philip & Co’s new website.


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