IEC or Independent Electrical Contractors of Utah is the premiere education/certification group for electricians in Utah. Their website was very outdated, scattered amongst multiple platforms, and was not mobile friendly. They were interested in updating their website to a more modern/simplistic feel and also incorporate a class signup element to their website where electricians in Utah could sign up for classes and pay their tuition without having to be redirected to other platforms. Overall, IEC wanted a solution that was combined into one platform that was easy to manage and update with a new look and feel that was mobile friendly.


IEC was referred to us by one of our other satisfied clients, X3 Staffing, and we knew that we could provide IEC with a solution that they would be happy with. Using the worlds most popular CMS platform WordPress, we established a professional looking and informational website that was mobile friendly. We then turned our attention to the development of a tuition/class signup app that was added directly into the WordPress backend. After successfully implementing and finishing the website, Lyqwid provided IEC with an in depth training session on how to manage its users and update content.


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