Glover Nursery is one of the largest and most popular plant nurseries in the state of Utah. They hired a previous web developer who was not up to the task of providing them with a very custom ecommerce solution for over 2,000 products. Glover was in need of an updated website that was mobile friendly and a place to display their wide array of plants online. They wanted a custom solution with a visual product filter with small icons to resemble different categories, a wholesale login solution for their wholesale clients to see different price points while blocking out customers, and also have the ability to sell specific products in specific locations due to deliver restrictions and pricing. This would be a tough challenge for any web developer.


Lyqwid was up to the challenge and started developing a highly intensive system and custom coded solution. Lyqwid ended up using WordPress as its CMS because Glover was familiar with WordPress in the past and wanted to continue to post new content with ease. We ended up using Woocommerce as the primary ecommerce solution, however, had to custom code many different functionalities to meet the needs of Glover such as selective shipping locations, different shipping prices by area code, and the ability to purchase select products. With this project being so detailed, development of this project lasted for almost 5 months until we were able to launch, however, we are very proud of the solution we were able to provide and Glover reciprocated that feeling when we delivered the final content and training program.


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