Azevedo Studios is a large video production studio based in Utah. They are the producers of the successful LDS play, Saturday’s Warrior. Years later, they decided to bring the play to life by making a blockbuster film of the popular story. In order to do this they decided to take to Kickstarter to raise money for production and to increase their overall budget. They needed professional consultation and someone to lead their team to generate a successful campaign. Once the campaign came to a close, they would also need a website developed to promote the feature film to all of their fans.


Lyqwid stepped up to the plate to take on the challenge of managing and promoting the selective Kickstarter campaign. Lyqwid was able to create visual assets and implement strategic advertising/marketing tactics which led to the successful funding of $100,000. Once the production of the film came to a close, they reached out to us again to assist them in making a website for customers to collect more information about the film and theaters it was being played. The Saturday’s Warrior team was under a very strict timeframe (two weeks) before the movie premier events started. Though they paid a premium price for time constraints, Lyqwid was able to develop a website within the strict deadline, providing their customers with a valuable place to access information.


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