Aura Optics was founded in 2013 by two University of Utah students who had a passion for skiing. They designed and developed a high quality ski and snowboard goggle that they wanted to bring to market and start a company. With a sample product and a budget they won from the University of Utah, they started to plan out how they would launch their business. The two students took to Kickstarter and needed to produce an amazing Kickstarter video and a website for customers to purchase products on after the campaign ended.


Aura Optics was the first official client of Lyqwid (formerly known as ARVA Solutions) and this was the day Lyqwid was born. Lyqwid worked with an amazing videographer (Spark Atomic) to produce a full HD Kickstarter video that was sure to persuade backers to want the product. Aura Optics successfully raised around $27,000 on Kickstarter and it’s next goal was to create a website where they could continue to sell goggles.¬†Since Aura often sold goggles in person to people at ski resorts, Lyqwid decided it would be the best solution to select an ecommerce platform that also included a point of sell system. Shopify was the solution that we ultimately chose to display and sell products and we linked it directly to a WordPress website were Aura and staff could make future additions and changes with ease.


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