Today as you sit at your desk pondering the future of your company or new idea, one of the first things to think about is the overall image your brand will communicate to consumers.

In the business world, it is largely perceived that in order to achieve success, you have to invent/create something no one has seen before. As this may have been true in the past years, with strategic marketing, those days are over. While there is a strong competitive advantage to having a patent/idea that has never been seen before, we have seen brands like Dr. Dre Beats have zero intellectual property and sell for billions of dollars simply for the brand name.

Here are a few tips on how to effectively communicate to your audience and establish a memorable brand.


A mistake we have seen many entrepreneurs make is losing the motivation due to the lack of immediate response. It is important to keep in mind that NO brand becomes popular overnight. Even the prime example of branding/marketing perfection “Beats by Dre” has been around since 2006. That may not seem like a long time, however, that is close to 10 years of consistent marketing implemented by the brand. You may say their success was due to the famous name found on each package (Dr Dre) and we would not argue this. However, the strategic endorsement deals they landed with some of the world’s best athletes did not come free and were a pivotal reason for their rapid success.


In order for a brand to successfully gain recognition in the public eye the brand needs to be consistent with the image it portrays. Social Media and marketing content have become powerful tools to businesses if utilized properly. What we mean by properly, is synchronizing the content you are displaying to the public with similar images and text styles so individuals can tell your brand posted a photo, video, or text without even seeing your brands logo. Consistently posting similar and recognizable content is key to a successful brand strategy and will allow you to acquire active users at a faster rate. Below is an example of Aura Optics social media and the content they consistently post which all has a very similar style.


Content is Key

In order to communicate a powerful brand message, high quality and intriguing content is key. Do NOT underestimate the difficulty/time of producing new high quality content consistently!

Final Thoughts

Remember that your end result is to grow your business and increase brand awareness to the public. Though it takes a long term effort, your brand image is an INVESTMENT! An intangible asset that will follow you from the day you launch to the day you decide to retire and sell your company.

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