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Who we are and
What we do

Founded in 2015 by award-winning entrepreneur Schaeffer Warnock, Lyqwid is becoming one of the most respected Marketing & Design firms in Salt Lake City, Utah. Lyqwid is creating a culture of innovation through technological creativity. Our passion for web design, development, and communication inspires us to deliver world-class solutions to satisfy the world’s imagination. A unique customer experience awaits.

Specialties and Fields of Expertise

Website Design

Lyqwid’s main roots come from creating custom website designs for businesses of all sizes. To accomplish this we use our extensive knowledge of designing and developing websites using the world’s most popular Content Management System (CMS), WordPress.

Web Development

Lyqwid has the resources to accomplish any kind of web application development from an eCommerce web store to a data collector. Lyqwid uses the most popular coding languages such as HTML, CSS, C, C++, Javascript, PHP, Python, Ruby and more.

Graphic Design

With experience in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign our team has the skills to communicate with your audience visually. From stunning websites to professional logos, Lyqwid’s designers will make your brand’s first impression one to remember.

Marketing Strategy

Our team’s diverse background from Computer Science to Marketing & Management enables us to not only focus on creating the best website for your company, but creating the best website for your target audience so you see results.

Technology, Passion, Success

“At Lyqwid, our goal is to provide our clients with custom solutions for all of their marketing and advertising needs. Lyqwid’s in-depth focus on individual client needs allows it to create a unique customer expierence for each business Lyqwid serves. The infinite marketing services Lyqwid offers enables it to cater to every customers need, even if it is completely out of the scope of marketing work we normally do.”

Schaeffer Warnock

We’re Scalable

We have come a long way and something we learned along the way is to work with small boutiques to large global brands. Lyqwid has become a flexible firm with employees eager to help companies grow their brands digitally.

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